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Episode 34: Battlefield

Olson and Kei watch the Terram and Emaan fleets advance on the Mu controlled orbital elevator.

"What kind of world do you intend to create?", Olson asks.

"Hell if I know."

"God can be truly cruel. We have a daunting responsibility, but even if we fled today's battle, we would die with the rest of the earth."

Everyone (including a recovered Athena) prepares for the ensuing battle. Shaya makes a pretty speech in which she reminds everyone how high the stakes are. If they succeed, the worlds will be separated and the dimensional boundaries that once divided them will be reestablished. If they fail, the earth will die. "But don't forget yourselves during the battle. If you are not alive when space and time are reforged, you will not exist in the newly created worlds."

Meanwhile, Leegh makes his way to the capsule and begins making repairs to E-block.

The battle begins with a splendid firefight. Despite his best efforts, Kei is unable to pierce the Mu ranks. Mimsy becomes frustrated trying to oversee the battle from the Glomar, and take to the field herself. She gets the troops in order, but suddenly gets sick and crashes in the forest.

Meanwhile, the Terram have been monitoring the trajectory of an old satellite called the "space island". The island is on a collision course with the Daitokuiten, and the Terram and Emaan plan to have the Toktuitens enter the Daitokuiten during the resulting disturbance. A Terram tech informs the general that a cloud of space debris, including pieces hundreds of kilometers long, will collide with the space island prior to the time it will reach the Daitokuiten. If the island is deflected, the chances of the mission succeeding as planned will be extremely low. This would benefit the Terram, since the alternate plans would give the Terram much greater control over the nature of the newly created multiverse.

Back on the battlefield, Mome is shot down. She comes across Mimsy who is unconscious and running a fever. Mome radios Shaya, and Kei, overhearing the message, leaves the battle to find her. Olson tries to stop him, but Kei won't listen.

Athena spots Mome and starts to land, but when she realizes it's to save Mimsy, she jealously flies on. She quickly puts her pettiness aside, but she's lost her chance. Mu spot her Nikick and engage, forcing her to fight for her life.

Mome checks Mimsy's craft and finds that the energy cannon is still operational, but has no power. As Mu advance on the, she makes the sacrifice and plugs the cannon into her already low power supply. She fires on and destroys the Mu, but drains her battery beyond the point of no return.

Kei finds Athena and Mimsy and lands. Mimsy has a fever, but is otherwise unharmed. Kei then spots Mome lying motionless nearby. Kei dashes to her and takes her in his arms.

"Kei...I protected Mimsy..."

"What's wrong Mome!"

"I'm out of energy."

"Wait a sec, so you just need a recharge..."

"That won't work. My battery is internal and cannot be recharged."

"To protect Mimsy," Athena says, "Mome used her energy to power a beam cannon."

"Idiot!", Kei cries, "Why did you do that?!"

"My battery would have run out in a few months anyway. Besides, if Mimsy had died, you would have been crushed. Tears don't suit you Kei..."

"You fool! Did you really think I would feel any better if it was you?!", Kei cries. Mome makes a happy murmur, and "dies". Kei picks up Mimsy, climbs into the Orguss, picks up Mome's body, and returns to the Glomar with Olson and Athena in tow.

The Emaan and Terram continue their relentless advance. The Emaan techs reach the elevator and begin hooking up the necessary equipment to allow passage through the Daitokuiten. Meanwhile, Leegh successfully completes repairs on the capsule.

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