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Episode 30: Outsider

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Now that his people are at war with the Emaan, Tai is feeling depressed. Maaie and Leeia observe it, but don't know how to cheer him up.

In response to his question, Mome tells Kei that Tai isn't happy, but Kei thinks he'll get over it. He knows Tai is his friend and is confident that he won't betray them. He then asks Mome how she feel; after all, she's also a Mu. She replies that she has Kei, and is therefore content. Then Mimsy arrives and Kei departs with her, leaving Mome alone with her hopeless love.

The Mu attack an Emaan city, and both the Terram and the Emaan mobilize their forces to combat the enemy. Observing the battle, Tai decides to return to his people. Mome meets him on the way out. When he tells her what he intends to do, she asks him to take her with him. "But what about Kei?", Tai asks. "Kei has Mimsy to take care of him now.", she replies.

The Mu are forced to retreat and warp out, taking Tai and Mome with them. Upon arriving, one of the robots asks Tai to identify himself. Tai introduces himself and says that Mome is his personal maintenance robot.

Tai is ordered to see the Mu leader. On the way there, Tai observes that much has changed since he was here; virtually all of the city, once inhabited by humans, has been rebuilt to suit the needs of the Mu.

The Mu leader updates him on the Mu's plans. The Mu can detect any warp system used by the Terram or the Emaan. Once detected, the system is immediately attacked and destroyed, thereby preventing either party from repairing the world. Meanwhile, the Mu are preparing to use the warp system to deliver a series of weapons all over the world which will eliminate all biological life forms. Tai is appalled, but quickly regains his composure. As the conversation proceeds, Tai realizes that the Mu don't know about the Tokuitens, but says nothing.

Tai leaves the leader's command center and finds Mome missing. After roughing up one of his fellow robots, he learns that Mome has been taken to the hunting grounds.

The hunting grounds are in an area of the city that is still in ruins. Tai arrives in time to see another human-looking Mu get destroyed. Tai loses his temper, blows up a few Mu, and finds out from the last where Mome is. Tai arrives in time and obliterates Mome's hunters.

Safe in a bunker, Mome explains that the humans that built the city were killed over a hundred years ago by the robots they created. The Mu still hate their creators, and Mome and her kind are hunted and destroyed because of their resemblance to the creators. Tai, disillusioned, decides to return to the Emaan.

Tai and Mome break into the warp system room without too much trouble, but set off an alarm in doing so. The Mu vow to kill the spies, even if it means destroying the warp system. Tai manages to hold them off while Mome charges it up. They escape, and the warp system explodes as a result of Mome's tampering.

The two materialize in the countryside and are soon spotted by Kei. Kei and Mome are thrilled to see each other. Tai watches, and realizes that coexisting with humans has its merits.

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