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Episode 13: Caspian Crater

Mimsy finds Shaya on the bridge. Shaya says that the Terram are quiet now, but will almost certainly be waiting for them in Afghanistan.

The Emaan are busy repairing their mecha. Sray is working with Poputei, who is soon distracted by her children. Sray helps take care of them and Poputei comments that, without a father to help, taking care of the children is a big hassle.

Henry and Robert stand outside the Terram base. Henry says that if the Glomar with its jammer makes it through here, they will never find it. The Emaan city is near so they must get the Tokuiten soon.

Leegh informs Shaya that, for now, the only way to increase the jamming field is to send someone out with another jammer. Shaya informs the rest of the Emaan and Leeia points out that whoever is carrying the second jammer will most likely be found and killed. Shaya says that she knows this and that volunteers can speak with her privately. Poputei's children start crying again and she leaves to take care of them.

Sray excuses himself from his work, supposedly to go to the bathroom. Leeia sees through his act and tells Mimsy that Sray is volunteering. Mimsy finds Sray and asks him why he's doing this. He ask Mimsy if he can meet her in the "secret room", where he can explain. (All bedrooms onboard are public, so the secret room is the only private bedroom, so this is essentially a proposition). Mimsy agrees.

As Mimsy waits inside, Sray comes to the door. He is about to enter when he hears Poputei's children crying again. He decides that he has no right to do to Mimsy what Poputei's husband did to her. Mimsy hears him and is about to invite him in, but Sray orders her not to open the door. Sray remembers the time they met, and says he was happy then. He says goodbye and leaves.

Kei confronts Sray and demands to know why he volunteered. Kei feels that he is the best man for the job. First Sray says that no one else onboard is suited as they are too important to the group. Kei is still unconvinced and Sray tells him that he can't go because he is the Tokuiten. "So what?", says Kei. Sray replies, "Mimsy will be sad if you go."

The Emaan wish Sray good luck. Mimsy is crying and Sray tells her not to be sad, as he is "fighting for her smile".

The Terram notice the spreading of the jamming field and increase the number of scout mecha in the area. One locates the Glomar and Olson leads an attack force including a number of Nikicks. Kei, Leeia and Maaie engage the enemy and a fierce battle ensues.

A Terram mecha finds Sray and shoots him down. The jamming clears and the Emaan, unable to raise Sray, fear that he is dead.

Athena finds Kei and soon has the upper hand. Olson has been monitoring the Emaan radio transmissions and recognizes Kei. He orders Athena to disengage. She asks why, but Olson merely says that he has reasons.

Mome asks Tai why he isn't helping. Tai says that the ship isn't in a crisis so there isn't any need yet. "But we are in a crisis!", cries Mome. Tai comments that non-fighters panic too easily, but he reluctantly agrees to help. He proves effective, but seems to be doing it with half a heart and leaves the job unfinished.

Most of the Terram withdraw under Olson's orders and Kei takes care of the stragglers.

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