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Episode 4: Caravan

Kei and the robot, Mome, are watching the Bronco get rebuilt. Kei seems bored and asks Mome why she is so fascinated. She replies that since the mecha is important to the Master, she wants to learn everything about it. Kei is annoyed at being called Master and is trying to convince Mome to stop when Jaby appears and tells Kei that she is programmed to address him so.

Mimsy asks Shaya why she is stopping to have a market when they should be returning with the Tokuiten. Shaya reminds Mimsy that they promised to have a market and the Emaan never go back on a promise like that.

Kei also learns that the Emaan have a slightly different standard of modesty.

Kei and Mome watch Govu and Jaby put on a show for the kids (Jaby's fire breathing is accomplished through equipment he wears), telling them to inform their parents about the market. Everyone is busy except Kei, and he feels in the way.

Kei asks Mome if she would like to look around with him. "Yes Master", she replies. Kei tells her again to stop calling him Master and Mome replies, "Yes Master". Mome catches herself at this point, thinks a bit and asks if Danasama (another word for master) is all right. Kei says that's no good either, but Mome gets confused. Finally Kei tells her to call him Kei. "Yes, Kei-sama"(-sama being a suffix used to convey great respect), she replies. Kei leaves it at that.

Kei and Mome watch Govu do a little business before the market. He claims the crystal he is selling is one of a kind, but Mome tells Kei afterwards that there are thousands of them.

The Terram locate Kei on their Tokuiten sensors (no kidding, that's what they're called), but are willing to wait until the Emaan finish their market so they don't have to start a battle over a Terram village.

Kei sees a man driving a jeep. Kei stops the man and demands to know where he got it. He says he got it from the Emaan. Kei figures that where the jeep was found, there may be a way back so he has the man drive him back to the market. On the way back, the man explains how the Emaan fixed it up and replaced the gas motor, etc, etc. Kei asks Mimsy about the jeep and she tells him they bought the wreck and fixed it. Kei asks Mimsy to buy it, but she replies that they are spending quite enough on him between rebuilding the Bronco and buying that "piece of junk" robot - "I am NOT junk", yells Mome back.

Two Terram soldiers show up and begin roughing Kei up. They aren't pleased with the way Kei is treating the jeep owner, and also think he is a traitor to be a Terram working for the Emaan. Their wrist detectors inform them that he is the Tokuiten and they try to bring him in, but Kei isn't easily taken. They run back to their mecha and come after Kei. Mome grabs Kei, and they hop on a scooter and race back to the Glomar where is modified Bronco is ready. As Kei is taking off, the engineer Leegh yells to Kei that most of the actuators are not hooked up yet (in other words, it can do little more than fly). Kei doesn't hear and finds out the hard way. Fortunately, Mome is hanging on to the outside of the mecha and manages to finish connecting the actuators and Kei emerges victorious.

Kei lands in the village and finds that the villagers are not at all pleased. They think they will have problems with the Terram now.

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