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Episode 2: Lonely Wolf

The Emaan explain that they are the natural inhabitants of their earth just as the Terram are the natural inhabitants of Kei's.

One of the Terram pilots survives and confronts Kei and the Emaan. His wristband informs him that Kei is the Tokuiten and he tries to take him captive. An Emaan on the factory ship shoots the Terram pilot and Kei finishes him off.

The Emaan disperse to go about their business, but Kei wants some answers. He threatens Mimsy at gun Point, but she just laughs telling Kei that she doesn't believe he would kill her.

While the Emaan mourn for their dead, Kei asks Jaby how he can get back. Jaby replies that it can't be done, nothing can penetrate the dimensional barrier.

Robert, the Terram captain commanding the forces in this area, orders an all out attack on the Emaan to capture the Tokuiten.

Kei, not satisfied with what Jaby has told him, abducts Mimsy and tries to force information out of her. Mimsy still doesn't believe Kei will hurt her and begins to tease him when his male nature gets the better of him. Mimsy responds as might be expected (whacking Kei) and then flees. Kei catches up and tries to apologize. Mimsy turns on him and berates him; the Emaan need his help badly and all he can think about is leaving and threatening people while he's at it. "Just go!", she says before stomping off.

Sray appears and tells Kei that Mimsy is his fiancee and he should stop bothering her. Kei replies that she already demonstrated that she can take care of herself.

With thoughts of Tina (and other female "friends") in mind, Kei takes his Bronco and leaves, intending to try to penetrate the barrier. Mimsy goes after him to try to convince him to stay. The Terram attacks and the Glomar attempts to hide in the forest. Mimsy fails to convince Kei to stay and he leaves, flying into the dimensional barrier. The attempt fails and his ruined Bronco crashes to earth.

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